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Д-р Стойчо Кацаров, Министър на здравеопазването

 Date of birth 

Dr. Stoycho Katsarov was born in 1964 in the town of Dupnitsa.

He graduated medicine in 1990. He has specialised in internal medicine and health management. In 2004 he acquired a Master's Degree in Law.

He has worked as an outpatient-care physician and hospital-care physician in an internal medicine ward.

He was elected a Member of Parliament in the 38th and 39th National Assemblies.

In the period 1999-2001 he was successively appointed District Governor of Sofia District and Deputy Minister of Health. He has participated in the management bodies of several medical establishments, and has been a consultant to the National Ombudsman and a part-time lecturer in health management. He is the founder of the Center for the Protection of Healthcare Rights.

He is married and has one child.