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The Expert Council on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections is a consultative body to the Minister of Health, which supports the activity of the Ministry of Health in the prevention and control, epidemiological surveillance, treatment and medical care in the field of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections.

The Expert Council has advisory and consultative functions and expresses opinions in the following areas: prevention of HIV/AIDS and health promotion, epidemiological surveillance and prevention policy on HIV and transmissible infections, treatment and medical care for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Expert Council prepares expertise of the number of patients who need treatment, as well as forecasts for the necessary quantities of medication for a specific antiretroviral therapy.

The Expert Council prepares opinions on draft regulations, methodical instructions and other materials related to HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections.


Prof. Dr. Maria Stoimenova, Head of Department Immunology at the National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases


Assoc. Prof. Mayda Tiholova National Consultant in Infectious Diseases
Prof. Dr. Boryana Slancheva National Consultant in Neonatology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dencho Osmanliev

National Consultant in Pneumology and Phthisiatrics
Prof. Dr. Tatyana Chervenyakova  Executive Director of the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases in Sofia
Prof. Mariana Stoycheva Head of Clinic of Infectious Diseases with established sector for treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS at the University Multi-profiled Hospital for Active Treatment Sv. Georgi, Plovdiv
Prof. Dr. Kamen Plochev  Head of Infectious Clinic at the MMA
Dr. Tsveta Raycheva  Director of the National Center for Drug Addictions
Dr. Daniel Beshkov  Завеждащ Национална потвърдителна лаборатория по ХИВ в Национален център по заразни и паразитни болести
Dr. Ivaylo Elenkov  Началник на отделение за лечение на пациенти с ХИВ/СПИН към Специализираната болница за активно лечение на инфекциозни и паразитни болести в гр. София

The Expert Council also includes experts from International Activities, Programmess and Projects Directorate, Drug Policy Directorate, NGO representatives who have experience of working with vulnerable groups.