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Central Ethics Committee is established at the Council of Ministers.

It consists of 9 members - necessarily includes doctors, dentists, psychologist, theologian and jurist. The members of the committee are determined by decision of the Council of Ministers upon proposal by the Minister of Health for a mandate of four years.

Central Ethics Committee gives opinions on deontological and ethical issues in clinical trials when approached by the ethics committees in accordance with Art. 103, para. 1 and 2 of the LMPHM, by the BDA or by the Contracting authority.


By Decision No 754 of 06.11.2014 the Council of Ministers determined the following members:


Dr. Tsvetan Trayanov Raychinov

Secretary of the Commission

MA Pharm. Orlin Nedev, Phone: 93 01 217

Dr. Boris Bogov  Physician
Dr. Neli Tarinska  Physician
Dr. Temenuga Donova  Physician
Dr. Borislav Milanov Dentist
Dr. Irena Ivanova Dentist
Velislava Donkina Psychologist
Veselina Ivanova  Lawyer
Stefan Radev Theologian